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Paintwork Repair & Resprays

Panel re-sprays or full resprays from our car body shop in Fareham.

Car Respray Specialist

Here at Body-Care we provide a car respray service for minor work including bumper scuffs, scratch repairs, accident repairs or new panel colour matching. Whatever you use your car for, simply driving it causes wear and tear and inevitably damage to its paintwork. Stone chips, scratches around the boot and doors or acid from bird droppings can all take a toll on your vehicle's appearance.

If your car has been in an accident or you'd like to change the colour then why not drop it into Body-Care? We're experienced car bodywork professionals and use the highest quality paints and equipment to ensure an even finish is given to your car.

Your vehicle may have been involved in a minor bump or perhaps scratched in a car park, we can help you out with a quality repair and re-spray of the affected area, so you'd never be able to tell anything had happened. Whether it's a bad scratch, dent or stone chip damage we can skilfully make good and give a quality re-spray to the repaired panel. And you don't need to upset your no claims discount by claiming from your insurance company.

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Professional Colour Matching

We pride ourselves on our ability to colour-match precisely and deliver a dust-free, factory-like finish every time.

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